Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Amazing video and update on Kaedy

Got this from Ty's Triumph. It moved me to tears twice this morning. Thanks Ty! (and Corrie) ;-)

They can't change Kaedy's equipment or the amount of time she is on it. So we are just believing they will get her off of it sooner. We did get the infectious disease doctor in Tulsa to accept us as a patient! YAH! So we are praying that he will disagree with the docs up in KC and he will get rid of her picc line asap. We see him on the 26th.

Yesterday I had 53 people come to my page and 3 comments. What's up? Do I smell funny? You could at least let me know. ;-)


Trella said...

Praying! Thanks for the update. Also, thanks for all the sweet comments. I feel like I can't get caught up on my blog reading. I will try and visit on a more regular basis.


The Zandi Zoo said...

LOL.. you are funny.

SOOOO glad that the Tulsa Dr can see Kaedy. That will be much better for all of you. Praise God!!!!!

... said...

i didn't read your previous post until just now. how frustrating the whole pump thing must be. it must be so hard for all of you. kaedy and your family remain in my prayers.

Mrs. O said...

Glad you enjoyed the clip.

How wonderful to be seen in Tulsa - no more four hour drives (well, at least it's longer in between).

I think you smell lovely!

Unknown said...

We'll keep praying!!!

That video clip is great! Wow!!

Annie said...

That gave me chills!!!
Thanks for sharing it, I put the believe picture you emailed on Izzy's blog this morning ... I love believe signs. So pretty.
Thank you.

Susan said...

So glad the trips to KC have been cut out and will continue to pray on the other issues.

Anonymous said...

NO! You do not smell bad Kahri! Just wanted to ease your mind on that one. ;-) I watched the video and it was really neat. Amazing! ~Kim B.

Ruth said...

Oh that's great that the Tulsa doc will take you. I hope your KC trips will be much less frequent!!

Sara said...

I'm guilty of reading and running off without commenting. Excuse me while I duck! I'll try and comment more. I try to check for updates once a day but don't always have a chance to say anything. I'll try and at least let you know I was here ;)