Saturday, March 24, 2007

SMART Habit Saturday continued

I haven't posted since having Ethan, but we have been participating, nevertheless. Here are the habits we (the girls and I) have done:

first week after Ethan was born- we cut out caffeine (Emmy's never had any and Britt only had one a day but now none of us have it. In fact, without ever making it an issue we don't have pop anymore at all)

second week - we started having a serving of fruit with every breakfast

third week - we added a veggie to every lunch

fourth week - we changed snacks from carbs to protein or fruit or vegetable

fifth week - we started noticing portion sizes on labels and reading ingredients. we also switched most of our products from white flour to whole grain.

sixth week - we started charting what we are eating each day in each food group using the food pyramid. We didn't have to stay under the amt for each group, I just wanted them to see what they eat every day.

this coming week - continue all above and start walking. I am not going to make the girls continue charting their food, but I think they both want to! They think it's fun...go figure. Also, I am going to try to stay within the old Weight Watcher point system for nursing moms.

I love our new way of eating and it definitely already seems like a habit. We have so many fruits and veggies around, it makes healthy eating and snacking easy. Because we don't ban any food (except caffeine) we haven't felt deprived at all. And because I am already down two dress sizes (see last post), it has been easy to limit myself on the indulgences. I bought myself those new Hershey's truffles in a tin and I have one a day. It might be my favorite part of the day. Not so much the chocolate as being proud of myself for being able to control how many I am having! WooHoo...Babysteps :-)

If you would like to see other SHS pots, go to Lazy Organizer. See you next week!


Susan said...

Good moves. I swing in and out eatting properly. Right now it's not proper because I'm sitting way to much at this computer scanning!! and not putting much effort or attention into eatting properly! Confession is always good for the soul!

Anonymous said...

You have certainly made a LOT of good changes. I am proud of you!!!! ~Kim

An Ordinary Mom said...

WOW! I am floored with how much you have been doing. Great job! I love how you took it one week at a time instead of trying to do it all at once and getting overwhelmed!

Enjoy walking this week!

Unknown said...


I've also started trying to get more veggies!

The Zandi Zoo said...


Jennwith4 said...

Wow, now those are some great habits that I definitely need to form for my family in the future. Great Job!

Thea @ It's Me Vs. Me said...

Great job on being so disciplined with your eating!!! Enjoy your new movement habit.

Cheri said...

I Love, Love, Love your weekly goals. I'll have to look at implementing them in our house - we really struggle with fruits & veggies vs carbs...

Thanks for popping in at my blog and leaving the encouraging words on my SHS post - I'm working on the exercise and WILL eventually make it a habit!