Saturday, March 24, 2007

Desk and FAITH

Got my desk put where I want it today and started filling it up. I also weeded through a lot of books and donated them to the American Vets. I need another bookcase just for what I already have so I had a lot of books laying on top of other books on the shelves. I had a goal of making it so once I get my new bookcase, I didn't have any double deckerred books on the shelves. I am trying something new, the uncluttered look! LOL Here are pics of my desk, before I put stuff in it - very uncluttered!/

On my last update blog I forgot to say that we rejoined our homeschool group. We are thrilled to be back and we're looking forward to participating in something soon. We are going to do the co-op next year, too. It looks great and will be both educational and fun. Going back to the group feels like puting on an old comfy glove. We are truly happy to be back. (though the email loop is so quiet that we're wondering if we're really back on the list! JK!)


Susan said...

Oh Kahri the desk is so nice. How wonderful of your sweetie!! I love the shelve above it. Are those all angels? Did you see the 4 posts I've done about some of my angels? I have a couple more to

Glad to hear you got back into the Home School Group. I'm sure the mutual support is great.

Anonymous said...

Your desk looks really nice Kahri!

Melanie said...

Hey Kahri, we are so glad you're back as well! The loop will get hopping again as soon as everyone gets back from Spring Break.. tomorrow!

Unknown said...

Beautiful desk!!!!!!

The Zandi Zoo said...