Saturday, March 31, 2007

100 Things about me

100 things about me

This was supposed to be in honor of my 300th entry, but I didn't get it done until my 305th...

(I wrote this in bed while nursing over a couple of days. I had plenty of time on my hands, I guess..let's see if you have enough time to get through it all! LOL)

1. Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico
2. to Virgina Anne Herndon, an unwed 16 year old
3. adopted at birth
4. had a horse named Lady when I was young
5. moved to Colorado for 1st through 3rd grades
6. was taught to speed read in 3rd grade
7. moved to California for 4th and half of 5th grades
8. tried out for a game show called Joker's Wild
9. when asked what was the most interesting thing about me - I accidentally mispronounced the word pianist (you figure that one out)
10. moved back to Albuquerque for rest of schooling
11. took piano lessons for 12 years...had plenty of learning, but no natural talent
12. ran track for 9th and 10th grade
13. got shin splints
14. kept running, got stress fractures
15. switched to throwing shotput and discus for last two years
16. went to state as a thrower
17. knocked out most of my two front teeth with a shotput
18. skiing was one of my major hobbies while in NM
19. taught calligraphy to both adults and kids in community ed program for about 10 years
20. wanted to be a youth pastor but my parents were concerned about the lack of income
21. decided to be an architect
22. applied at Cornell (great architecture program)
23. and Lehigh (my grandfather and great uncle's alma mater)
24. was accepted into both
25. couldn't afford either
26. tried to get into the air force in the officer's program
27. didn't make it
28. went to UNM on a full scholarship (academic, not athletic)
29. almost married a guy named John Hancock (he is now a pastor of a Baptist church)
30. started out to be an architect but didn't like UNM's program
31. was actually told I needed to search for my "inner darkness" in their art school
32. skied to school once during a snow storm
33. graduated with a degree in English literature, minor in biblical studies
34.. worked at Walgreens in management after college
35. went back to school to be a police officer
36. dropped out when I got pregnant with Brittany
37. searched for birth family after complications following Britty's birth
38. found birth mother's side of the family
39. they were quite unhelpful in finding out who my birth father is
40. They are all dark skinned
41. I was truly "the fairest one of them all" heehee
42. my birth great grandmother was black
43. petitioned the court to open my records
44. birth father was not named in records
45. became big lobbier for adoptions with medical updates given throughout the years (whether the adoption was open or closed)
46. also was NM contact for an online site created to search for your birth parents or children.
47. helped several people come together!
48. knew I was going to homeschool my kids since I was 15 years old
49. went to my first homeschool conference when Brittany was about 2 months old.
50. met Brandi online when our oldest girls were about 6 months old, on a Christian homeschool board
51. went to California to meet her in fall of that year
52. worked as a professional organizer when Britty was a baby
53. when I got divorced, got a long term job at a fertilizer plant -- organizing, decluttering and computerizing them
54. after that job, went to work at aol as tech support
55. met Michael on a tech support call - he had a virus
56. my roommate and Michael's roommate also fell for each other (this turned out to be handy when she and I moved to Oklahoma together soon afterward)
57. worked in insurance in Bartlesville and hated my job
58. got a job working for IBM doing TCP/IP support for companies trying to go online
59. quit work to be a stay at home mom on Dec 31st of 1999.
60. we did not prepare for y2k
61. Michael quit Phillips and went to Walgreens after I told him how great they were
62. we moved to Tulsa
63. I don’t listen to any secular music anymore and hardly read any secular books
64. my favorite type of music is Christian hard rock, although I listen to all sorts of different styles
65. I like my music loud
66. tried one homeschool group before FAITH, they were anti-Christian
68. went to FAITH's first meeting and joined
69. that was the day I found out I was pregnant with Emily
70. that night I thought to myself that I'd like to become friends with Melanie
71. was sick the next 4 months and did nothing with the group
72. was baptized Lutheran
73. switched to Methodist in my late 20s
74. then went to non-denominational Christian church with Melissa
75. then tried another one, this time with Paula
76. kept thinking I was missing something
77. changed to a Spirit-Filled, charismatic church about 2 1/2 years ago
78. don't feel like I'm missing anything now
79. am ambidextrous
80. taught myself to be that way
81. learned to write backwards when I heard about da Vinci doing it
82. took most of my notes in college that way
83. that made it hard for friends to borrow my notes
84. I was 5'7" when I was in 5th grade
85. I was, by far, the tallest child at school
86. I was also taller than my teacher
87. I am now 5'10"
90. my mom wanted me to be a model, but she said I had to be 6'
91. I love/d school and learning, I would be a professional student if I had the time
91. I am still interested in architecture and after my children grow up, I may draw up plans for remodels (unless The Lord directs me elsewhere)
92. used to be an avid camper and fly-fisher woman
93. used to own many different kinds of guns and loved target shooting
94. haven't done that since I got pregnant with Britty
95. used to hike and rappelled once
96. I broke a window of a car once to let out a dog in heat over 100 degrees (I was not prosecuted)
97. my only ticket ever was "attempting to run over a pedestrian" which was not true. the snarky cop didn't show up in court and it was dismissed.
99. I like to dance in the rain
100. I sleep with a stuffed animal, when not sleeping with a baby. I can't sleep without one and Michael has had to take me to Walmart and get me one if I forget it.


Melanie said...

cool! i particularly like #70!

Amelia Antwiler said...

What a fantastic list!! I was enthralled and can see a total book in your future.

Gosh- I think I want to be like you when I grow up.

PS - I don't have an accent either. Which is funny because I used to have a Tennessee accent. Which is to say all long vowels were LOOOONG.

Susan said...

LOTZ of things I didn't know!!

Anonymous said...

Dropping by from TT's Carnival. I love the 100 facts that you chose to share about your life. I've started one such list, but don't know how to organize my thoughts . . . you've inspired me to go back and take another look.

My blog is also featured in the TT carnival - do stop by!

Annie said...

Just looking around, it's late I know... it's stormy here.
Your list is very interesting.
I can read your personality laced though the list.
I'm over 6' tall.
I agree with 77. I was raised church of Christ and although my hub is still a deacon at that church we are trying to transition to a spirit filled church. It's not easy when your family and friends all belong to the other church. I love the full gospel church! I am amazed at the level of worship & praise. I get teary-eyed just watching hands raised to God.