Tuesday, March 06, 2007

funny thoughts

(this will be more amusing if you are a nascar fan)

the other night I was half asleep, lying in bed, somewhere between 1am and 5am. I was in that state where you are awake enough to know what is going on, but you are sort of dreaming at the same time. Ethan was wanting to nurse and I started to hear voices in my head:

Rusty Wallace: Well I don't know if this is the right move for him.

Darrell Waltrip: No, Rusty, I'm not sure it is either. None of the other drivers are coming in to nurse right now. I think he is really going to lose his track position with this decision.

RW: Yeah, I heard his crew chief telling him it's not a good idea, but he's not listening.

DW: No, it seems that he is determined. Well, folks, it looks like Ethan Michael has decided to nurse and I guess he is not worried about losing his position. My guess, he thinks he can make it up later....

voices fade out...

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Chavaneth said...

oh my kahri. get some sleep.