Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A New Day

I have "put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness" so I am doing better.

I am surviving on 3 hours sleep in over 48 hours, so maybe I am delirious as well.

Here are our updates:

Michael: still not doing good. Going to a chiropractor today. Going to a work every day but virtually no help at home. (except for his smiling face and jokes)

Ethan: got sick from Kaedra so he is having trouble eating, especially at night. This is starting to get better though. (and we have help of lots of saline bullets around here!) He has gotten used to the carrier and is doing much better in it.

Kaedra: still sick, still on oxygen. She scraped her back (on top of one of her titanium ribs) so she is having some skin breakdown. We had to take her to the doctor for it yesterday. (that area won't heal like regular skin, and there is no muscle underneathe, so we are watching to make sure it doesn't go down to the titanium) She is on several new meds for that, several times a day and we have to go to the doctor every few days so he can see it. (at least he didn't hospitalize her! Hallelujah!) Her next rib surgery is April 20th in Kansas City.

Brittany: doing great! Started Oklahoma history this week. Excited about an upcoming mission and an upcoming cousin in Albuquerque. Wants to take sewing lessons and get started making some of the clothes she has designed. She is also happy it is spring because she loves playing outside!

Emily: was completely excited about Oklahoma history, but, after starting it, thinks it is really boring! LOL Spelling everything. (can't read yet, but loves to spell!) Loves the weather as well.

Me: about what you would expect. BUT, I asked for help at church and two people have offered to come and help me. Ashton is bringing dinner and coming to try her hand at holding the baby so I can get some stuff done and Miss Nancy is coming Friday morning to do some light housekeeping for us. Tarry is bringing us a meal Thursday night. Sammi brought 3 nights of meals with enough food to make lunches too! And breakfast for Sunday morning...so the last few days has been taken care of. It was a huge blessing! And we loved the food, Sammi, thank you!! I guess I need to live in England where friends/family/neighbors take care of new mommies for a 4-6 weeks!

Brittany was astonished I was asking for and accepting help. I told her desperate times call for desperate measures!! Besides, since you reap what you sow, I am giving all these people a great chance to reap! :-)

Okay, off to take care of screaming infant, tornado of a toddler, grumpy almost-6-year old and sweet, good natured preteen.

Thank you all for your prayers!

(And Denise, I can't wait to see pics of you all in your new house! Sorry the move is so hard, but I am excited for you guys! )

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Chavaneth said...

im glad you decided to ask for some help.