Saturday, March 31, 2007

SMART Habit Saturday 6

recap of all my habits:

wk 1: praying and bible reading
have been praying everyday and reading bible almost every day. Would like to spend more time reading bible

wk 2: referring to planner everyday
not been consistent with this

wk 3: get off computer at 9am and off for rest of day
had no problem with this since having Ethan (not necessarily off by 9, not even necessarily on before 9...just have been good not being on it much at all)

wk 4: new laundry schedule and laundry put away every day
had a bad week with this, week before last. This week we have been making up for it.

wk 5: stopped caffeine
still haven't had any

wk 6: added fruit to breakfast
did it every day

wk 7: added veggie to lunch
every day but one (we ate fast food one day and I didn't even think of getting a veggie)

wk 8: portion sizes
mostly did well

wk 9: writing down what I eat every day
missed two days

wk 10: walking every day
One day we couldn't walk because of rain and we did pilates (aka torture). I missed two days of exercise this week

As you can see, I wasn't really consistent with all of my habits. This week I am going to work on the same 10 habits, concentrating on exercise, laundry, planner and writing down what I eat. I want to get them really down before adding more.

I want to take a moment to say that this SMART Habit Saturday thing has REALLY been a blessing in my life. I want to thank Lara for her wonderful idea. It has not seemed like too much at all to add one habit a week. Things are REALLY starting to become habits, I don't have to think about everything anymore. The rewards have been many! Things are starting to calm down around here and I feel like I am in control of my life. I have always been a person who evaluates my life quite frequently, but I wasn't always able to make the changes I wanted. Now the changes are coming easier, especially the eating habits. Even my hubby has noticed. Thank you Lara!

If you are interested in seeing other people's habits or joining in with SMART Habit Saturday, check out Lazy Organizer's Page.


Kassie said...

You are doing amazingly well for having such a young baby. Good for you! Wish I felt like it was easy to add one new thing a week, but for me it seems like adding a new thing kicks out another because my poor old brain can't think of that many things at once.

An Ordinary Mom said...

SHS truly was inspired. I think we are all reaping wonderful benefits.

I am so impressed with how much you have been able to tackle having a newborn around. You are amazing! Keep up the great work and give yourself a big pat on the back.