Monday, March 19, 2007

Homeschool Meme

1. ONE HOMESCHOOL BOOK YOU HAVE ENJOYED: Educating The Whole Hearted Child

2. ONE RESOURCE YOU WOULDN'T BE WITHOUT: hmmm, I would say my computer, but I *can* homeschool without it. I love my copier, but it isn't working right now and we are still schooling fine. I guess I will say my Well Trained Mind book. I use that several times a year.

3. ONE RESOURCE YOU WISH YOU HAD NEVER BOUGHT: HAHAHA. I don't really have any that I wish I hadn't bought. I guess I keep figuring I can use something later!

4. ONE RESOURCE YOU ENJOYED LAST (This) YEAR: Christian Kids Love Biology

5. ONE RESOURCE YOU WILL BE USING NEXT YEAR: Christian Kids Love Chemistry

6. ONE RESOURCE YOU WOULD LIKE TO BUY: Apologia Science Marine Biology

7. ONE RESOURCE YOU WISH EXISTED: a planning program for school that also sync'ed with my palm pilot.

8. ONE HOMESCHOOLING CATALOG YOU ENJOY READING: Sonlight is my favorite to use as a resource, Rainbow is my favorite to peruse

9. ONE WEBSITE YOU USE REGULARLY: The library,, and enchanted learning (oops, it said ONE! HAHA)

anyone want to play?


Anonymous said...

What a great list! Have you used ever Field Trip Factory for a field trip? We took a group to Petco for an animal habitat focus and I thought it was really good.
Their link:

My Busy Life said...

I gave it a go, thanks for sharing.