Friday, June 03, 2005

Well, things are going really well with Kaedy....
She is eating "real" baby food. With a spoon, through her mouth! She is doing well with it, as well as I would expect any baby to do. She has also gotten to go out of her room in her stroller a few times! We have taken a few trips around the floor as well as an extended trip to the playroom on Memorial Day.

She is stable on the home ventilator and ready to be transported to San Antonio as soon as they are ready for her. She had an MRI on Wednesday to send to the doctors down there and hopefully we will hear from them today or early next week. Our doctor seems to think we will be going very soon. After we get back, he said that Kaedy can come home in 2-4 weeks. We are really shooting for Independence Day! :-) We could celebrate Kaedy's independence! :-)

I haven't seen her for a few days because I have been sick with something contagious. (doctor didn't tell me what it was. ) As of today I have been on my antibiotics for 36 hours so I shouldn't be contagious anymore. I am so excited to see her!!!! I am also hoping to hear back from San Antonio today so we can start making some plans!!

Tonight Paula and I are going to a used book fair. We go to this one every year. It is a good one. :-) Only problem is: Neither of us really has a list of what we need for next year (which isn't going to be much) and neither of us has our millionaire bank accounts manifested yet. (Well....maybe by tonight) So we may just be mostly browsing. I got some good games there last year, but haven't even used them all yet.

Kids are going swimming with Sherria at her best friend's apt today. They will have a blast. They have been excited all morning. I did manage to get them to clean the house though, as a condition of them going. Don't you hate how when "momma" is sick the WHOLE house falls apart????

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