Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Well Kaedy got to go outside yesterday for her first time. That was SOOO exciting. I was all dressed up in a hat and "picnic" clothes because we were going to go have a picnic after my visit with her. Broken Arrow has concerts in their main park on the Tuesdays in June. We usually take a picnic and our lawn chairs and enjoy that every year. Anyway, because I we were going to go to the picnic and because Kaedy was going to have her first outting, I thought I should dress for an "outting." The nurses thought it was hysterical that I was all dressed out to go out. We got Kaedy ready (Sherria came too) and we took her to the elevator. I was so excited I was telling everyone on the elevator (we were on the special "dr" elevator - not the regular one). When we got down to the bottom floor we went past the gift shop and out the front door. Unfortunately, that is where all the cars come in to drop people off, but it was still outdoors!!! She blinked and blinked and blinked. She was just AMAZED at the sun, you could tell. (and it was a cloudy day!) We took her over by a tree and Bunny, one of our nurses, hid behind the tree and made it talk and move. Kaedy was mesmerized. After that, we took her across the driveway to a little sitting area. She started to de-sat a little bit (her oxygen numbers were going down) so I picked her up and cuddled with her. She went immediately back up. She just needed something familiar in that "big exciting world!" Speaking of exciting, just about that time a medical helicopter showed up above us to land. I thought for sure that was going to freak her out. Sure enough, I looked and she was de-satting fast! I was worried and was about to put her back in the stroller and hurry inside when I realized that her tubing wasn't attached to her trach!!!!! Poor thing wasn't getting any oxygen. "HELLO MOMMY, some oxygen would be nice!! I don't care about the stupid helicopter, I would just like to BREATHE!" After that excitement we took her back into the hospital through admissions and back upstairs. She started making noise as soon as we entered her room! It was very cute. Like she knew that was "her place." We cuddled with her a little bit and then went to the concert.

The concert was AWFUL...some gospel band that had been together for 40 years. It sounded like it would be wonderful, but it wasn't. We left half-way through. Michael and I weren't feeling that well, anyway, being on day 2 of the Atkins diet (our bodies not used to the lack of sugar!!) and Sherria had a bad headache. On top of that, it was the girls' bedtime.

Anyway, the exciting part was taking Kaedy out. The girls and I are going back tomorrow and maybe we can take her out again, I am not sure yet.

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