Thursday, June 23, 2005

I can't believe I haven't written in 5 days...I am always "talking" to my blog and I have ideas everyday of what I am going to write, I guess I just don't have as much time to write it down. LOL.

Kaedy is doing well...really stable (although they have her on an antibiotic, they did a culture and said she came up with some "bugs")...and lots of fun. The girls and I did physical therapy with her today and she was weight bearing on her own again and she was laying on her tummy just fine until she laid her head down on my wedding ring and started crying. That pretty much ended the tummy time. She also sat on her own, unhelped for several minutes at a time. Then she would start to tip so Micah would just use a finger or two to direct her back toward the right way and she caught on really well. She learned to correct herself when she felt herself falling. The girls and I also fed her "real" food today. She didn't mind it in her mouth at all, but wouldn't swallow it. I had to leave her with a nurse trying to get her to swallow it since we were lunching with a friend and Kaedy was taking her own sweet time! :-) Michael had a lot of fun with her tonight, too, they rocked, sang, prayed, and blew rasberries.

The girls and I had lunch with dear friends from church - Mickey and Susan. I stayed and chatted with Susan for a few hours while the girls played and watched a movie. I am so glad to have them in our life, they are such a blessing. Susan and I are both from New Mexico and it is nice to be able to talk to someone who knows where I am from! We are different in other ways, she has great faith and just believes what she learns and I question everything. I think we will be very good for each other. :-)

My car had some problems this week. It had been shaking for a few weeks and been getting worse and worse. On Monday, after I left the hospital, while talking to Michael on the phone, my car started shaking wildly. So much that I was scared to stay on the highway. He told me to get oiff and to go on city streets. He called our mechanic and asked if I could drop the car off there so I drove it across town to Broken Arrow and dropped it off with him. He said that the shaking was the tires and that it also needed a new power steering pump and rack and pinion steering. When Michael got off of work, he went and got my car and took it and bought a new set of tires. It drove incredibly better after that! We took it back to our mechanic's and left it there overnight for him to work on in the morning. We got the estimate the next day - it was going to be around $1200. We decided that my car was not worth getting that much work done, being over 145,000 miles. So Michael is taking me to buy a new car this weekend. (we had been rolling the idea back and forth for awhile, anyway, he wanted me to have a vehicle with less miles.) I want to get the same kind because I love my Dodge Grand Caravan. Unless we find a GREAT deal on something else, that is what we are going to get.

We went to Big Splash (our water park) yesterday. We had a really great time, although I was hoping to hang out with Paula while we were there but we lost her after lunch and never found her or the boys again. We figured out today that we must have been at opposite attractions and just switching places at the same times. Next time I am going to stick with her like glue! :-) Part of the reason we got these season passes was so we would have time to hang out! I got sunburnt although I was wearing the same protection as the girls and was in the water for the same length of time (I bought the extra-super waterproof all-day stuff so we wouldn't have to reapply.) Just before the time we were going to leave I could feel myself burning and figured I was in trouble. Paula's head got sunburnt, though, and her poor scalp is almost purple it is so burnt! Purple is our favorite color, but.......... I think we'll wear hats next time!

I need to head to bed, just one more thing before I go.....I have been on Atkins for 17 days and I have lost 10 pounds so far!!! YEAH!! I feel great and I don't feel deprived at all (okay, except for Susan's banana bread, that has been the biggest temptation so far). I have not had to worry about feeling starved or missing out on good things or anything. I found a new comfort food last night.....creamed fact, I may eat it for breakfast, instead of the grits I used to eat. It is almost the same consistency!

See ya later, alligators!

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