Thursday, June 16, 2005

We have taken Kaedy out of her room two days in a row now. Yesterday we went to see Bunny - one of our nurses who is having a surgery herself. She was up a few floors from Kaedy. Today Emily and I took her to the play room and we showed her some new toys and had a good time with her in there. I can't believe she is over 20lbs!! She is HUGE! Emily was 20 pounds around one year. Kaedy can't even come home in the backwards facing car seat. She is already too big!

Brittany is spending the night at a friend's house tonight. She was so excited. She also had a Keepers of the Home meeting today. They were learning about quilting. She has already quilted some, but now she can get her quilting badge. :-)

Tonight is church...I am so excited! I love our church. It seems like such a long time between services from Sunday to Thursday. I would be happy with another service in between those two! I love being filled with The Word. There is nothing better!


NeeCee said...

Hello Kahri! I am so glad your new schedule is working for your family and Kaedy now can get out more. Hopefully soon, she will be coming home.

I'm TiggerinOK here. My blog site has been down for weeks, so I'm using this one until it comes back online. :0)

Heather said...

WOW! She is getting big!!! :o) That one pic of her sitting on someone's lap (ugh..can't remember who it was)...I couldn't believe how long her legs were! :)

Sounds like Keepers was fun today.

Have fun at church! :O)