Saturday, June 04, 2005

I have been having a grumpy day. I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed! Everything has gone right today but I just seem to have misplaced my smile. I am working on getting it back.

Anyway - I went to see Kaedy today and took my mother-in-law with me so that she could have some Kaedy-time too. She doesn't get to see her too often. We took her out on the floor in her stroller - up and down the hallway a few times and talked with her about the animal borders. She was tired when we started and got more tired as we went, so we got back and I rocked her to sleep. I love it when she cuddles up against me. I wore my hair down today and when I first saw her, she tried to grab my hair and put it in her mouth. I am also trying to get her to lift her arms when she wants me to pick her up. She is just starting to do it and it is so cute.

I came home this afternoon, took a nap and went to church for prayer night. It is a stormy night with tornado warnings, so Michael is glued to the weather channel. We have a new channel that has 24 hour local weather news. Only in Oklahoma are people so obsessed with the weather. :-)

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