Monday, June 13, 2005

Today was the first day of our new went really well. We both really enjoyed spending time with her and Micah said that she would be there around 1:30 to do physical therapy with her. I had fun today playing with her and reading to her. She is getting SOOO big....over 19lbs. I tried to do "ride a little horsey" with her on my knee but she is too heavy!

For the past three days she has been "dancing." She has a musical toy and we turn it on she starts bopping back and forth. Since her head is so big, if she starts getting too excited, she falls over! LOL It is so cute. I have video of it that I will put on our picture-page as soon as I have a chance!

Our Doctor finally feels that Kaedy is big enough and doing well enough on the vent to go to San Antonio. He called them and they asked for an MRI. She had one done and it was overnighted to them last week. Our Doctor kept thinking we would be going any minute. (they had said they would squeeze us in) As of today, he talked to San Antonio and found out that Dr. Campbell is out doing surgeries around the country for 2 weeks, so our doctor won't even be talking to him until the 29th. He told me just to pray. He really wants her to get seen in soon because as she gets older one of the problems she has is getting worse. (paradoxical chest movement) He is worried if we wait too long, she will actually get worse.

I am not worried because: Kaedra is the Body of Christ. She is redeemed from the curse, because Jesus bore her sicknesses and carried her diseases in His own body. By His stripes she is healed. We forbid any sickness or disease to operate in her body. Every organ, every tissue, every bone functions and is formed in the perfection in which God created it to function. HALLELUJAH!!!!

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Heather said...


I'm so glad you posted your blog addy in the email! Now I can stay in touch with you even better! lol

Let me know when a good time is to come visit with you and Miss Kaedy. :O)