Friday, June 10, 2005

We got great news today from the physical therapist - Micah. Kaedy (for the first time) put weight on her feet while held up! Micah was so excited and the excitement was contagious. She was thrilled that Kaedy made that step in her development.

We decided to change things around in Kaedy's (and our) life. She is not getting out of bed enough or having enough stimulation during the day, and Michael and I want to change that. We don't want her development to be slowed. We decided that I would go every morning 9-11, physical therapy will go every afternoon and Michael will go every evening. That, along with the nurses putting her in her exersaucer every day should get her *closer* to a normal life. If she was at home she would be out of her crib all day, except for naps, so I really want her out as much as possible there. I mean, if a baby was at home and kept in her crib all day long, DHS would come and take the baby away from the parents!!!

Anyway, it will make Paula happy who thinks all babies should be on schedules! ;-)

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