Saturday, May 16, 2009

What I Hold In The Palm of my Hand

As you know we took a trip to Kansas City this week for an appointment with one of Kaedra's doctors. Since Michael was on vacation, we decided to make it into an overnight trip and take the kids to do something fun. (not quite as good as Hawaii, but hey, we do what we can do! LOL!)

Travelling with a two year old is challenging. I had forgotten about that. It was a bit rough here and there and I might have gotten a wee bit stressed once or twice. I might have even said I would never go on vacation with a two year old again.

Tonight (technically this morning), safely back at home and back to normal, Ethan woke up and cried out. I waited for a few minutes and he went back to sleep. About ten minutes later he cried out again. This time he stopped crying and started calling out for me. I went in to check on him. What follows is our conversation....

"hi bubba"
"hi mama"
"are you okay?"
"what do you need?"
"mama cuddles"
"ok mama cuddles coming up"

I took him out of his bed (a playpen), organized his blankies, pillow and animals and we laid on the floor together.

"cuddle mama."
"okay bubba"
wrapped my arms around him
"sing mama"
"okay bubba"
Sang to him and rubbed his back
"cold mama"
"okay, I'll get your blankies"
When I laid back down, I cuddled with him and his head rested in the palm of my hand. I am amazed that all this wild boy who seems like such big stuff during the day can still fit his head into my hand.

After a little more singing....
"ready for bed, bubs?"

I put him into bed, wrapped his blankies around him, wound up his musical bear and kissed him.

"night night Bubba."
"night night mama"
"love you bubba"
"love you mama"

And as I shut the door,
"thank you, mama"

All in the palm of my hand...


Susan said...

So sweet.

The Zandi Zoo said...

Love it! very sweet indeed!

Sherria said...

That is the cutest thing I've heard in a long time!!!!