Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Poison Ivy Blues

Creeping over my four limbs
I've got a yucky rash
It's swollen, red, crusty and gross
And even has the ability to make my teeth gnash.

In case you don't know
I've got the poison ivy blues
it's all over me
from my head down to my shoes.

I'm off to the doctor
to get meds and a shot
I've been trying not to go
but it is bugging me a lot.

Silly that we both come from dust
from the very same ground
and yet it attacks me
However, no matter what, my praises will abound!

And I know I am healed
of this icky sticky mess
So I will keep my mind on him
And not on any distress!

Hallelujah, Thank you Lord
That you provided my healing
and I believe I have it
No matter what I am feeling!


Susan said...

Second poem!! Good for you..the poem that is...not the poison ivy :o)

Jenni said...

I like the poem! However...the picture does not look like any poison ivy I've ever seen?

Anonymous said...

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