Thursday, May 07, 2009

100 things that make me happy

I am doing this in preparation for another big project coming soon. All part of my grand plan of getting my life back in order. Proverbs 4:26

I have the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart, but these things make me happy!

1.John 3:16- Salvation
2.John 10:10- the promise of life more abundant
3.Healing- for by His stripes we are healed
4. The Holy Spirit who comes alongside me as my comforter and friend: my Parakletos
5. My family being saved
6. Praying
7. Confessing God's Word over our life
8. A good Bible-based message
9. singing my praise and worship to the Lord
10. Reading His Word and understanding more
11. Hearing God's clear direction
12. A Clean Car (inside)
13. A Clean House
14. A fire in the fireplace
15. A fresh skein of yarn
16. A talk with a friend
17. An intense Bible Study with a friend
18. A good turn of phrase
19. A long massage
20. A new outfit
21. A new pencil puzzle magazine
22. A new recipe
23. A night out with a friend
24. A productive day
25. A very cold glass of water without ice
26. Avocados
27. Being Blessed
28. Being Pampered or Spoiled for a day
29. Being silly
30. Big snowflakes
31. Bird watching
32. Blessing others
33. Boating
34. Cabins
35. Camping
36. Cats
37. Trees perfect for climbing
38. Creating music
39. Dancing in the rain
40. Dates with hubby
41. Eating outside
42. Emails or calls from my bff
43. Exercising
44. Family nights
45. finishing a crochet project
46. Fireflies
47. Cuddling
48. Flowers
49. Free things
50. Fresh starts
51. Frogs
52. Getting done with everything in a day of school
53. Getting things done
54. Going on dates with my kids
55. Going places with family
56. Good smells
57. Helping others
58. Hubby softly snoring next to me.
59. Hugs and Kisses
60. Large Trees
61. Laughing
62. Laundry done and put away
63. Learning new things
64. Less weight on the scale
65. Listening to my favorite music
66. Listening to Classical or opera LOUDLY
67. Manicure and/or Pedicure
68. My dog
69. My iphone
70. My kids laughing together
71. Nature
72. Nicknames
73. Organizing something new
74. Painting or doing art
75. People who like my quirkiness
76. Presents
77. Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino
78. Rainbows
79. Reading a good book
80. Researching and writing
81. Seeing a movie in the theater
82. Simplifying things
83. Sitting by water's edge
84. Surprises (of the good kind)
85. Swimming
86. Taking Pictures
87. The Change in seasons
88. The night sky
89. The sounds of nature
90. Vacations with hubby
91. Writing poetry
92. Making lists
93. checking things off of lists
94. good, clean humor
95. a brand new, sharpened pencil
96. being debt-free
97. Reading His Word and understanding more, like peeling the layers of an onion
98. Hearing God's clear direction
99. fountain pens
100. a brand new book


The Zandi Zoo said...

Great list!!!!! :-)Your list made me happy.

Susan said...

Great list!!! Happy National Day of Prayer. It make me happy we still have this day even if our current President is "toning it down" this year. First time in 57 years the President has not had a Prayer Breakfast in the White House on this day. That does not make me happy. It grieves me.