Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kaedra neck xrays

So we got a callback from the dr about kaedra's x-rays. It appears
that she has spina bifida occulta. That is the least problematic of
the spina bifidas so it shouldn't be a big deal and shouldn't affect
her neck movement. He wants an MRI on her neck to make sure and then
we will start physical therapy.

I am very happy that she should have full neck movement but not
thrilled to hear she has a new diagnosis of something. And you know
what?? I am positive Jesus took on spina bifida (of all sorts) from
the cross! So I know she is healed!


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Susan said...

She is healed! By our Jesus strips she was/is healed. Satan is going to learn some day to stop this because it is not and will not work. P-E-R-I-O-D
Love you guys,

Daniele said...

Thank the Lord! She will tackle physical therapy like a champion, look what she has accomplished and she keeps surprising everyone!