Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My closet

One of my 101/1001 things was to clean my closet. I had no intention of doing that today and it wasn't even hitting my radar of things I would do soon. But today, after I got my clothes put away, while waiting for Emily to get done with her clothes, I had extra time. I decided to clean my closet! WOOHOO!!

I didn't take any before pics, but my closet wasn't messy at just had clothes that I didn't like and didn't fit me. I wanted to go through and get rid of all the stuff that doesn't fit or that I don't like and reorganize what I did have. So here are the finished pics:

This is my dressy side...aka the church or date side. :-) The box on the bottom left has clothes that are one size smaller, just my favorite ones. The shelf holds winter jammies and sweats and the stuffed animal Michael bought me on our honeymoon. It also has Emily's guitar because the kids were getting into it.

This dress hangs up as incentive to lose weight. It is a beautiful dress with a large bow in the back. Would be beautiful for Christmas.

This side has my everyday clothes and my shoe rack. The shelf holds my journals and sentimental items.

So, you're wondering how much I got rid of????


NeeCee said...

WooHoo, way to go! Want to come do mine? ;0)

Susan said...

Can't believe that bit got rid of pile!!! Closet looks great.