Wednesday, May 27, 2009

101/1001 update week 1

Working on
the fractions are how many I have done/out of how many I have to do
* things I want to work on this week

  • Memorize 1 Corinthians 13
  • *Read through and annotate my new Bible
  • *Finish prayer journal
  • Consistently use prayer journal
  • Do at least one intense Bible study
  • Download and listen to at least one message a week (when not attending church)
  • *Work up to praying an hour per day
  • *cubby time once a week
  • Complete the love dare
  • Go on one date with Cubby a month
  • Learn something new at least every other month - this month learned how to do a double crochet foundation (1/16)
  • Lose 75 lbs
  • *Read 32 non fiction books - read Mistaken Identity (very good book! Great faith and God's kind of love shown) (1/32)
  • Make wills
  • *Stretch back daily
  • *make a list of 7 to dos everyday and do them before any fun time (above and beyond daily lists) - not consistent
  • Give myself a Jefferson Education
  • *Take vitamins everyday - been sporadic
  • Learn basic geography (countries and capitals)
  • Read Epicenter (and/or rent movie) and research to understand *looking to buy/rent movie
  • Make a nature notebook
  • *pick a journal, write something in it everyday until finished
  • *keep gratitude journal
  • Take 10 one-day breaks from electronics.
  • Pick one habit to break each month (keep up with and review)
  • Pick one habit to start each month (keep up with and review)
  • Read On Prayer by Andrew Murray
  • get Mammogram
  • exercise at least 4 times a week
  • go in pool at least 4 times a week, when open
  • get a cat
  • get a Paul Potts CD (my birthday?)
  • *Make a chart to record progress on this list
  • *update blog weekly on progress on this list (1/143)
  • Camp in the backyard at least once
  • *date with each child at least once a month - Brittany down, 3 to go
  • Do one family read aloud per month
  • Go camping at least 3 times
  • *Kids outside everyday (9/1001)
  • Find new VEPTR doctor - talked to San Antonio, in the works to have papers sent down there.
  • Get Brittany drum lessons
  • Potty Train Ethan
  • *Spend quality time with kids each day (not including school) (7/1001)
  • Spend at least 2 evenings starwatching and catching fireflies with kids
  • Train freckles
  • Update Kaedra's history
  • *Get my kids to obey me right away
  • take a CPR refresher course with family
  • Make sure Emily and Brittany can read music
  • Get family photos made
  • play at least one game a week with the kids
  • take at least 5 nature walks with kids
  • take kids fishing at least once
  • read Child's Garden of verses and Mother Goose to Emily and Kaedra
  • Karaokie with family at least once a month
  • find new speech therapist for Kaedra (to teach her to eat)
  • watch Star Trek movies with Brittany
  • decorate for each holiday (kids' projects)
  • *Clean out my closet, donate - closet is cleaned out, just need to donate!
  • collect crosses and make a cross wall
  • Everything but one car and house paid
  • *Fill bird feeders including hummingbird feeder during proper seasons
  • Get all our music onto computer/hard drive
  • Get files cleaned out and organized
  • Get library thing and catalog books
  • Plant an herb garden
  • Re organize Kaedra's closet
  • Refinish coffee table in den
  • Refinish coffee table in attic
  • Paint Kelley's crib and return
  • Move -heehee, working on it in the spiritual realm right now! And Michael has an interview on Friday at 2pm with Houston
  • *Pack two boxes everyday until move (or declutter)
  • Make backyard habitat at new house
  • Sell ebay stuff
  • keep car clean and vacuum at least once a month
  • get photos printed from computer
  • put photos into some sort of system
  • Put newer photos in frames and display
  • create organization system for books
  • frame Brittany's paintings
  • frame cross stitch
  • make menu plan for at least 4 weeks
  • *make pantry list and put in iphone- got an iphone program thanks to pantry
  • *rate all songs in itunes
  • Do 100 easy lessons with Kaedra
  • *Read with Emily everyday until mastery- hasn't been everyday
  • Write TATW curriculum
  • Make Folders for TATW
  • Make Plans for Brittany's high school
  • *Bless someone at least once a month - made doily for Lisa, finishing Tarry's b'day present. (1.5/33)
  • Get to know at least one neighbor
  • Join a church - well we found one!
  • See Brandi and her family
  • *Make interactive contact with all comitatus at least every other week
  • *get Ergo back from Anita - asked for it
  • *Blog at least once a week (1/143)
  • Write rough draft for my novel
  • Make Mom Afghan
  • Make Dad Afghan
  • *Write one poem a week (2/143)
  • *Read at least 1001 poems (3/1001)
  • Write down my songs and the music for them

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