Monday, December 22, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook Dec 22, 2008

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FOR 22 December 08

Outside my window... it is bright and shiny. Unfortunately it is only 15 degrees with a windchill of 4.

I am thinking... how blessed we are. Hubby is home recovering from surgery, everyone is able to be home together. We are warm, cozy and full of love! Four of us are also having symptoms of sickness so we are standing on our healing!

I am thankful for... Jesus. Not just the baby in the manger. But the man who died on the cross 33 years later.

From the learning rooms... still closed. Jesse Tree is suspended due to stress. Trying to read Christmas stories every day.

From the kitchen... red beans and rice for lunch, chicken and wild rice for lunch (guess it's gonna be a ricey day)

I am wearing... capri sweatpants and a blue sweatshirt with flowers

I am creating... Emily's Christmas present and finishing up Britty's present. Also making my friends' presents.

I am going... to drop off a trach aspirate (don't ask what that is, you don't want to know) at Kaedra's doctor and picking KD up some Tylenol.

I am reading... A Sounding Brass by Shelley Bates and Spiritual Authority by Watchman Nee. I am reading Spiritual Authority with Brody from church.

I am hoping praying... everyone feels better soon! I also have a good friend who traveled out of town for a house closing. I am praying they have favor and that they have everything they need when they need it and that everything goes smoothly!

I am hearing... three children crying!?!?

Around the house... Brittany is upstairs reading, Ethan is asking for more milk, Kaedra is waiting for my nails to dry to put on her pants, Emily is playing spygirl and Michael is watching court TV. They just got done making a gingerbread house.

One of my favorite things... is purple. Purple anything. OOOH a purple platypus would be cool...

A few plans for the rest of the week: work on projects, church on Wednesday night, Michael's mom's house on Thursday evening. Hopefully some time with Sherria.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Making a gingerbread house!


Daniele said...

Very cute. I am not quite brave enough to do a gingerbread house with the boys yet. I will stick to sugar cookies for now, they are messy enough.

Susan said...

Glad Michael is home recovering and that you can all be in on these C-O-L-D days. We are hunkering down.