Friday, December 26, 2008

Late to the party

Okay, while browsing Crochet Blogs, I found this post about a Babette Blanket. Apparently they were quite popular a few years ago. I know I am late to the party, but I am going to make one! I am so excited about how they look and how much fun they look to make! It took me awhile of searching to find the pattern, they are available at in a PDF file for $6.00. I can't wait to get started! It also looks like the perfect thing to work on a little at a time, in between other projects!

Check out the Babette Blanket Pool on Flickr. There are lots of beautiful examples!


Heather said...

Love your new blog!!

Have you discovered Raverly yet??? :) I LOVE Raverly!!!!! I have so many projects on there saved in my Favorites file but no time to do them all!

The Zandi Zoo said...

That is SO cool!! I can't wait to see yours!!

NeeCee said...

I fell in love with your penguin.

I used to crochet all the time. I should pick up the hook and start again. My girls crochet quite a bit and it would be fun to work on projects together.

Heather said...

Ok. I bought the Babette pattern.

Now to pick out the colors. I'm trying to decide if I want to use my scraps or choose new yarns.

So are you using as many colors as in the pattern or just the 10 in that picture??