Friday, December 12, 2008

Cell phones and water don't mix!

I love my cell phone. It isn't fancy or anything like that. But my friends live in it, it takes great pictures, it alarms all day for different Kaedra events and it has a built in mirror. What more could a girl want?

So, people who know me in person know I always have a large cup of water near me. My cups come from the hospital and have lids and a straw.

At night, I take my cup of water upstairs with me as well as my phone, which has an alarm that awakes me in the morning before the nurses need to leave. I usually turn the alarm off and place my phone on top of my cup so I don't forget it when I come downstairs.

Yesterday morning, my cup didn't have the top on it.

you know where this is going, don't you?

Yup, I turned off the alarm and plopped my cell phone directly into my huge cup of water. I immediately got it out and started trying to shake the water out and praying over it. After I came downstairs I took the battery out and kept shaking it. Michael researched online what would help and it really did work. My phone is back to 100%!!!! I want to post it here for anyone else who needs help drying out their phone!

Here is how to do it

Two notes:
1. Take your battery out IMMEDIATELY. I didn't do that. I was blessed and it is okay anyway, but you need to do that FIRST!

2. There may be a little circle on the inside of your phone (near your battery) that will tell you if your phone is water damaged or not. The circle is supposed to be white. If you have water damage the circle will turn red. I just wanted to give you hope. My circle is red, but my phone works fine! :-)

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