Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Agreement please!

Springfield Missouri just came open for people to "opt in" for at Sam's. This is the store we have been wanting for a year! There are a few natural road blocks in the way but we believe that God can open all the doors for us and get us in there! Please join us in our prayers that we get this store (unless God is planning on opening up the doors in Edmond, which would be even better! LOL)

The kids have gotten so used to hearing us pray about Springfield that as soon as they heard the word today they started jumping up and down! LOL


Susan said...

Joining you in prayer and knowing God has THE right spot for you guys.

Daniele said...

Hoping and praying your family finds the right place, only the Lord knows this though.

If Doug were to ever get transferred or asked to go to another District I don't know what I would do. But right now Walgreens has so many options available and he loves his store, I don't think we are going anywhere anytime so.