Friday, December 26, 2008

New Blog

I am unveiling my new blog....

Peculiar Crochets!

I have been working on it for awhile, but it had to stay "hush hush" until after Christmas. Now I can share it. WOOHOO!!

I LOVE crocheting!! I haven't been this excited about a hobby in years!! (if ever!) I am just amazed that I can take a hook and yarn and make so many different things. It is amazing! :-)

Here is a glimpse at one of my favorites:

Simon's Monkey


The Zandi Zoo said...

Cool! You do a GREAT job too! simon loves his "Super SiMonkey"! :-)

Susan said...

So cute!

Cindy said...

congrats! Funny thing is that I've started crocheting again just recently. I'm not very good at it but I'm persistent. Miss you! I'm praying that all is well with you and yours.

Daniele said...

very cute and adorable!