Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Amigurumi Creations

I wanted to crochet presents for my best friend and her family. She has 7 kids so Amigurumi seemed perfect for some of them! I already had decided to make their youngest an alien. I had fallen in love with this little guy and had to make it for someone!

I asked her what her other youngest boys' favorite animals were. I got Monkey and Hippo. YEAH! I love both of those animals. I found only two hippo patterns and decided on this one. I think he came out really cute:

check out his expression:

I found a few free patterns for monkeys and few cute patterns to buy. I also got two books that had patterns of monkeys. I started one but didn't end up liking him very much. (although we had lots of fun hitting people over the head with a detached monkey arm! And the kids use his arm as a microphone now) I finally decided to mix and match my favorite parts of patterns and add a few of my own things. I ended up REALLY REALLY becoming fond of this guy. He was hard to send away. :-) I will have to make another one for our family real soon! LOL

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The Zandi Zoo said...

They are BIG hits at our house. The boys LOVE them!! The kids thought it was cool that Logan got a Hippopotamus for Christmas!!