Monday, December 29, 2008

Boot Camp Time

We are having "boot camp" around here again. What does that mean? Well, it means I have gotten lazy with my child disciplining (notice I said DISCIPLE-ING, NOT disciplining. There is a big difference to me!) at some point and we need to have a week of reminders. It is not only the children in "boot camp." I am right there with them. (so is Freckles, our dog! LOL)

We are using "Our 24 Family Ways" to help brush up, as well as other resources

Today this is what we are going to work on:

1. We love the Lord with our whole heart, our whole mind and our whole soul.
2. We honor and obey our parents with a good attitude.

3. We read the Bible and pray every day.
4. We do our chores well and without being told.
5. We think of others first and put that into action by helping and encouraging each other.
6. We obey immediately.

Okay, that is what we are working on today.

First we are going to have a bible study and devotional about these subjects. Then I am going to sit down with each child (excluding Ethan) and talk to them about an action plan and how they can improve. I am also going to make myself an action plan.

The rest of today will be spent cleaning house, doing laundry, writing thank yous and just getting things back in order. We are cutting back on electronics today, too. We are having periods of time with no TV and no computer. I think the worst hit will be the little ones. I will need to be very patient. :-)

I am excited to get things back on track and start working on some little things that have been getting by me lately. I am so glad the Lord forgives and gives me grace. Everyday is a brand new day full of new mercies.

Have a blessed day everyone!!


Susan said...

Sounds like you are always on January 2nd, when most of us, at least Mickey & I, get back to a more disciplined life.

Ours will be in the area of cooking, eating and walking. Back to the "ticker" at the top of my blog!!!

The Zandi Zoo said...

Sounds great!

Daniele said...

Good job, we always need to get back into the groove of things once the holidays are over.

Julie said...

i do so hope you will post what you are doing each day of boot camp! i want to do this but there is no way i can buy another book so I am hoping it will be okay with you to tag along behind you and do what you have done??
thanks for the jump start - this is such a great idea!