Sunday, April 06, 2008

Seven Random Favorites of Some kind

I saw Comfy Denim's Seven Movies -- Randomly, of course, and thought I would join in.

Then I realized that I have my favorite movies listed on my left sidebar so that would really not be any revelation to anyone.


I still wanted to play.

What could I list?

How about 7 random favorites of different kinds: (and I am going to try hard not to list anything that I have ever blogged/meme'd about before........)

1. Favorite chocolate: Lindor Truffles

2. Favorite Book of the Bible: Ephesians

3. Favorite Insect: Praying Mantis

4. Favorite Spring Sight: Bradford Pears blooming

5. Favorite Drink (other than water): Glaceau Vitamin Water acai, blueberry, and pomegranate (AKA XXX)

6. Favorite type of Dog: Cocker Spaniel

7. Favorite Publishing Company (what? Doesn't everyone have a favorite publisher? I just want to call them and say "I'll take one of everything!"):
Harrison House

Well hope that was at least slightly informative to at least one reader. LOL! I had fun trying to think of things I hadn't written about before, though, so at least I stretched my brain today. Anyone else want to play?


The Zandi Zoo said...

Oh my gosh, Kahri, I just learned some new things about you. Can you belive it?? LOL!!!

Uh, you have a favorite insect??? LOL!! Publishing house didn't surprise me as much as the insect thing. ;-)

This was fun!!

The Zandi Zoo said...

Oh, and I love the Vitamin waters too.... Revive & Focus are my favs.

Anonymous said...

I did learn something new :)

Amelia Antwiler said...

I have a new appreciation for the pomegranate. I'll have to try the vitamin water.

I honestly didn't know those were your favorite candies. :-) How fun is that.

I hadn't thought much about publishing companies - but I do know what you mean. When you find one you trust, you just want to buy their books.

A very fun list!!

j said...

Cute list of favorites. A favorite insect? Funny!