Saturday, April 26, 2008

This and That


Led to this:

And they thought she wouldn't walk or talk! How about ride a trike and scrape up her face?! Does that count? LOL! And I can't get her to be quiet! REALLY!!! We can't figure out where her "off" switch is. Since THURSDAY!!! Non-stop talking. She sleeps, but wakes up and immediately starts talking again. She even falls asleep mid-sentence!!

Went to the thrift store last week. I love seeing what people get at the thrift store, so here are my finds (in case you are the same):

A hat, a broach and a pterodactyl. (10 points for whoever can tell me what movie that is from....and no googling!) So I really got a hat, a star bracelet and a wire basket.

I don't have a use in mind yet for the basket, but it was too cute to pass up. Or, maybe I should say I have too many uses in mind for the basket! LOL. I just can't decide.

Here is Britty modelling the hat for us. :-) She loves it too so we are sharing it. It's actually a funny story...I was at Goodwill with my niece and I saw this hat sitting on a display. I was being COMPLETELY sarcastic when I said "this hat is SOOO me!" and popped it on my head. However, after my niece said how cute it was and after I looked in the mirror, I decided I couldn't live without it! It IS ME! :-) I'll see if we can get a picture with me in it soon.

The star bracelet is also exceedingly me! I love stars and moons and suns. (Psalm 148:3) And if you notice my sidebar I always tell people my name is Kahri, it rhymes with starry. There is even a lady in our homeschool group that calls me "Kahri who rhymes with starry." Sooo the star bracelet is really me. I wish I could get a better picture of it, but you will just have to see it on my in person. :-)

Isn't it fun when you go to the thrift store and find things that are just so "you!" I love it!!

I also went to a book sale this week at a private school. My friend's children go to Regent's school and they were having a book sale so she invited me. Hmmmmm, why would she think of me? ROFL!! ANYWAY, I had great fun there too and even found a book that I needed for Emily's curriculum next year! WOOHOO!! There book sale was set up very nice and was very classy. Some of their books were nice and inexpensive but I thought a few were overpriced. Of course, I just didn't get those. :-) It was lots of fun, though, and I feel like I scored some treasures there.


Melanie said...

Surely, it's Airplane!

Yes, and stop calling me Shirley!

I'll talke my 10 points now.. I have the perfect place for them!

Unknown said...

YAY for Goodwill!!!

I totally forgot about the Regent sale! Since our church meets there I have seen the sign for weeks now. I wanted to run over and take a look around. Ugh. Maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

Fun finds!
I love that little Kaedra is defying all odds. Praise God!