Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Baby Dedication

This Sunday Kaedra and Ethan were dedicated to God. It was a wonderful occasion! Kaedra has never been dedicated because she has been in the hospital both times our church had a dedication. Satan tried to keep her from this one as well. She has been running a fever since Friday. Not really any other syptoms, just a high fever. (update: she has a staph infection in her trach and pink eye) We weren't able to take her to class on Sunday but I was determined to take her to this dedication. Kaedra and I showed up right before dedication and left right after it.

Here are some pictures that we took before hand and someone took for us during:

You can also see more pictures on our church's web site.


Anonymous said...


Amelia Antwiler said...

There's a song that I've been listening talks about the lies the enemy tells us...

Like" you won't take that hill"
and we get to say "Ha! Yes I will"

So there ya go...

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The Zandi Zoo said...

What a Glorious day!! Love the pics.

Beth said...

It's kind of interesting how one little thing leads to another and then you realize God is sovereignly directing your steps . . . I read a comment you left on Ginger's blog about your daughter loving the Mitford series and I clicked over because I too have a 12 year old daughter. (Which after you and Brittany's inspiration I believe that series will be her birthday present this August as well—if I can wait that long.) : )

I just wanted to let you know how blessed I was to peak into your family's world. Your homeschool site totally blew me away as our small, wonderful Christian school just announced last night that it will be forced to close at the end of May. I am really struggling right now as to what God would have us do next. (We have four kids with Ashley, age 12, being the oldest). Should we go this direction, believe me, I will be hanging out on your site extensively, as well as the links you provided. I feel so inadequate to even think about this as a possibility.

I jumped over to Sonlight which though I haven't ever tried to find their site before, their founders are actually friends of mine from many years ago. I remember when they first started Sonlight. What a wealth of incredible resources and information they offer as well. I actually clicked into all of your curriculum homeschool links. I can’t thank you enough. I’ve realized after visiting that even if we find another Christian school, I can be supplementing so much to their education with the help of these wonderful sites.

I know I'm writing a book here and this is not my usual behavior . . . but I have been so blessed by visiting I just wanted you to know what a blessing your site as been to me

We have so much in common I can't even begin to tell you. Your special needs child . . . we too have a history with feeding tubes, learning how to eat . . . a whole miracle story. For us, this was a foster child who today is four and is living a normal life. (Adopted along with his two siblings into a pastor’s family).

I read that Brittany will be attending ATF tonight. It just so happens that my husband is the director of Teen Mania's Honor Academy. I hope she and her friends have great time.

Thank you for all your great information. I’m so glad to have found your site!

Cindy Swanson said...

Hi Kahri! I'm trying to visit all the blogs on the Christian Women Blogger blogroll...and I'm finding so many wonderful ones! Loved the slide show of the baby dedication...also love your name and Kaedra's name! Come visit me when you get a moment.

Anonymous said...

Kahri, thanks so much for stopping by my site. I just loved your comment about praying for the people of Mitfold, hehe. That is so great! I'm buried in the books and falling in love with the characters.

I'm thrilled that Beth found your site. She is so wonderful and has an amazing family. My daughter was the assistant to her husband a few years ago at Teen Mania in Texas.

Your daughter will get her socks blessed off at ATF. We just had an event here in Michigan and volunteered at it...amazing!!!!!

God bless,