Monday, April 14, 2008

Say no to Tink

(I hesitate to post this so soon after my last post. It seems like if I post twice in a day that people sometimes don't scroll down to see the other post. And HEAVEN FORBID anyone miss ANY of my posts!!! :-P But I will write it anyway since I am sitting up at 12:30am with Ethan and nothing else to do (please don't mention the loads of laundry and ironing and cleaning and dusting, it's 12:30AM for goodness sake!!)Sooo, since there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that needs done, I will continue to blog. )

I have an odd pet peeve. (Well probably a few of them, but I'll just mention one tonight this morning.)(Okay, I guess that means I can't talk about how much I hate ants and especially ants on the computer desk going over my hands while I am trying to type in the dark)

I don't understand everyone's fascination with Tinkerbell. I mean, think about it, Tinkerbell is an homicidal maniac! She tries to KILL Wendy!!! Wendy, who is all that is sweet, kind and lovely!! Tinkerbell tries to KILL HER! And then people go and get their darling daughters Tinkerbell purses, Tinkerbell watches, Tinkerbell jammies.

What is up with that? Why is there not a big advertising campaign for Wendy-gear? I would buy that! And it is not like Tink ever straightens up! She is unhappy 'til the end. The pictures they have of Tinkerbell look sweet and innocent but if you watch the original movie (or read the original book) you will realize that she is eaten up with jealousy and will do anything to keep Wendy away from Peter Pan! She is not, in my opinion, hero material. And I could somewhat understand if they marketed her as the "bad girl." But no, people buy her stuff because she is a "cute little fairy." HUMPH. They say cute, I say homicidal maniac. It is hard to find one redeeming quality in Tinkerbell that makes me want to say to my girls, "Here is someone to look up to..someone we like enough to buy all these products with and someone we should become obsessed with."

So around here, we just say no to Tink....

(apparently I was so tired last night, I accidentally saved this but didn't publish it....publishing it now, on Monday evening.)


Anonymous said...

Amanda dressed up like Tink years ago and has always liked her since because everyone thought she looked like her.

Amelia Antwiler said...

We own one Tink nightgown because we were desperate...but really, I agree with you. Tink's just mean. *L*

The Zandi Zoo said...

Lol.. didn't thought about it...until now. Now I will always think about Tink the Homocidal Maniac Fairy when I see her products.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, after reading this post, I must admit that my oldest daughter LOVES Tink! I can see your point now but my daughter is oh, so sad. :-( ~Kim B.