Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Easter 2008

We had a wonderful Easter. Easter is my favorite holiday because it celebrates Jesus' re-birth and our salvation and because it seems like all of nature is celebrating with us! I love spring! I love thanking God for each and every blossom and bloom and bit of greenery! I love thanking God for the gift of His Son, our Majestic and Wonderful Saviour!

We had heard we would have a horrible rain storm on Easter but we awoke to clear skies and a beautiful day. It wasn't quite as warm as would have been nice, but it was still wonderful.

In the past on Easter, we have hidden empty eggs with clues for the kids to decode telling them where to find their Easter Baskets and Easter Dresses. The clues usually lead from one egg to another to another until they find their goodies. This year, with four "hunters," we decided it would be too chaotic to hide that many clues. So we hid one egg for each child (at their height, so they would only find their own) with their clue. We made the clues a little harder (for the older ones) and once they found them they got their baskets (filled with seeds for veggies and flowers and a few hair doodads).

Here are our pictures from home and from the Egg Hunt at Church:

I hope you all had a Blessed Easter!


Susan said...

Enjoyed the pictures. I love Kaedy's hair in the piggie tails!!!1 I don't think I'd ever seen it like that before.

The Zandi Zoo said...

Again, Kaedra makes me smile. Love her in pigtails. sooo cute. Actually there was a lot of cuteness in all of the pics. Looks like they had fun. I like your egg hunt idea.