Monday, March 31, 2008

One more thought on the purple hair....

I had sent the virtual makeover pic to my mom and dad to get their reactions. My dad's only reaction was "why didn't you picke green?" However, my mom's reaction had me laughing hysterically (even if I don't agree with her...)

You look like a refugee from a women's prison that is trying to make life more attractive!!!!!
Now THAT is brutal honesty---------------LOVE,LOVE, LOVE you though!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

Now that's some mom-love. :-)


Amelia Antwiler said...


The Zandi Zoo said...


Oh My Gosh! That made me laugh SO hard!! Actually I had to read it to Jim too. We all got a chuckle out of it!

Refuge from a women's prison... funny, funny stuff!!

Susan said...

I like the cute very much, I would like the streaks better is they were a very, VERY platinum blond.