Sunday, May 18, 2008


ummmmm I guess I forgot about the other uses for the word memoir.
Mea Culpa.
I now officially un-name my friends morbid.
Sorry guys. :-)
I am the morbid one.



Amelia Antwiler said...

That's a great picture.
BTW - loved your memoir. Forgot to tell you that.
Difficult just choosing 6 words.

NeeCee said...

Thank you for saying I'm no longer morbid. :0) I was a bit taken aback when you said it was a morbid tag. I hadn't thought of it as an after death thing, but the telling of your life so far thing. But, I guess it could have been taken as a death thing. Minds are tricky things. ;0)

Melanie said...

Nah, your not morbid! And your 6 word memoir works perfectly even if you change the tense...

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