Saturday, May 17, 2008

All About Me

My friend Susan did this and I decided to join in too!

I am - Daughter of the Almighty, a Wife, a homemaker and homeschooling mom of 4 here on earth, one awaiting us in heaven.

I want - to constantly be closer to God.

I have - more than I ever imagined.

I wish - I was more on top of things.

I hate - ants.

I miss - my grandmother.

I fear - not.

I feel - not so hot at the moment.

I hear - children chattering.

I smell - pizza in the oven

I crave - more alone time for prayer and Bible Study.

I search - for more of God, daily.

I wonder - why God made mosquitoes.

I love - my family and friends, dearly.

I dance - in the rain.

I sing - when cleaning, driving or showering.

I cry - not as much now that I am not pregnant.

I don't always - get what I want done.

I wish - (another I wish?) my house was already ready to sell.

I fight - to get The Word out.

I write - not as much as I should.

I never - eat Beets.

I listen - to what people don't say.

I need - my Saviour.

I am happy - with my life.

Anyone else want to play?

1 comment:

Amelia Antwiler said...

I wonder why God made mosquitoes, too.
And I like beets. :-p Pickled beets. *LOL*
I may have to play. Later.
When The Professor is not installing doggie doors.