Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Weaning and sleeping Diaries Part I

Blogging my way through weaning and getting Ethan to sleep in his own bed:

I thought I'd make you all suffer with me. (Ooops that's not speaking in faith). Michael is out of town again so I am putting Ethan in his own bed and weaning him. ALL AT ONCE.

DISCLAIMER: Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT heartless, I promise. In fact, I feel horrible for him! This is AWFUL! But I severely need my body, sleep and bed back. I really really do. I have shared it with him for16 months and I am tired and worn out. And no, I am not doing this all at once with no warning. He was weaned down to only nursing overnight and he was sleeping by himself half the night. Now I am just working on putting him to sleep in another room and w/o nursing. Hopefully I won't get too much hate-mail for this now... (see why I need that book Denise? lol)

Anyway....back to making you suffer with me....
10:00 put him to bed after nice bath and massage with lavender lotion. (him, not me, unfortunately!)
10:05 went and told him everything's okay
10:15 went and told him again. patted him.
10:30 went again. he is quieting down some..I think I actually angered him more this time by going in there. :-(

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Melanie said...

hang in there Kahri! You are the mom there! God gave you those kids because He knew you would be the best mom out of all other moms.. so don't let anyone send you hate mail on this. No one has walked in your shoes, and until they do, they don't need to be telling you what's best for you and your baby. Ethan needs a well rested and peaceful mom more than he needs nursing now... Considering that this comment is coming from someone who nursed her kids until they could cut their own meat...well, that's saying something! LOL