Monday, May 12, 2008

Blog Party! WOOHOO!

I am joining the 5th Annual MommyFest Blog Party!! It sounds like a lot of fun, there are lots of prizes and fun new people to meet. (of course they are fun, they are at a party, right?) Click on the link above if you would like to come along to the party! The more the merrier.


Okay, for my introduction:
I am Kahri, rhymes with starry, and I am wife to Michael and mother of four wonderful children here on earth, one awaiting us in heaven. As you can see, I am a believer. In fact, I am a blood bought, born again, spirit filled, bible believing, overcoming child of God. (aka a Jesus Freak) So, if that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, be sure to stay and read awhile...maybe you will get saved. heehee. (You have to admit, I warned you...)

We have a miracle story with our daughter Kaedra. You can read about it here.

We reside in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, at least for the moment. We are expecting to move at a (soon) unknown date to an (as for now) unknown location. My hubby is training to be a club manager for Sam's and we will move wherever he gets his store. We are looking forward to this next chapter of our lives. We know God has great things in mind for us!

We homeschool our children. We have been homeschooling them since the beginning and plan on homeschooling them until the end. We use an eclectic set of books and ideas. You can read more about our homeschooling resources and journey at my homeschool blog.

I have lots of hobbies but hardly ever get to them, especially since having my son who is 15 months old. I am hoping to start them up again soon! I love to read, cross stitch, pencil puzzles, crochet, do calligraphy, paint, sew, and most other types of crafts. I don't watch TV, I only read Christian books, I don't really keep up with the news, so I could be considered pretty odd.

I like to call it peculiar, as you see from the title of my blog. Peculiar, in the bible, means "set apart." I feel that we were set apart to show forth the praises of Him. The verse above is the verse I live by. And glory do I feel "called out of darkness", Hallelujah! But that is for another post, another day.

Anyway, feel free to look around. Our "cast of characters" are pictured in the top left corner. I blog about all sorts of things. I am not a consistent blogger; I blog a few posts one day and then none for a week, but I do love to blog. It's a great way to keep in touch with friends.

Hope you enjoyed your visit! Thanks for stopping by... Leave me a comment and I will come and visit you!


Frances said...

Dropping by from mommyfest to say hello. Great blog! Hope you have fun at the party!

Stop by if you have a few minutes!

Gina said...

Nice to meet you!!!

I hope you have a fun blog party!

Anonymous said...

Just dropping in from Mommyfest! It’s nice to meet you!

If you have time this week, check out the MOTHER’S DAY BLOG BASH GIVEAWAY going on at…GIVEAWAYS from Serena & Lily, Hand Picked Pumpkin, Modern June, Silly Jilly Bean, Pink Lemonade Bags, My Pink Zebra Boutique, Kenarie’s and many more!

I’m also about to begin a new feature called “Coffee with…” that will put the spotlight on a new mom blogger each week. If you’re interested in being featured, check it out!

Unknown said...

Welcome to the Mommyfest party. Happy blogging!

Beth Dargis said...

I love how you have prayers listed in your sidebar giving others a chance to pray. Beautiful flowers!

Unknown said...

Happy MommyFEst!!! Love your slideshow.

Anonymous said...

Great to meet you! I'm popping in from the Mommyfest site. I enjoy your blog. It's really nice. Hope to see you drop on over to my site, The So Called Me. I'd really love to have you!

Happy Partying! <3