Thursday, May 08, 2008

13 Things I have learned as a mother

1. Patience:
It's funny. I seem so patient now. I can't even remember not being patient! But when I see my prayer journals from the Brittany's first year, my repeating prayer was for patience. I also talk to people from that time and they remember me needing patience. Somewhere along the way, I got it! I am not perfect, by any means, but I usually am very patient with my kids. (I admit it, my patience does not always spread to random children. But if I love the kids and/or the parents, I usually have patience)

2. How to laugh:
I'm sure I laughed once or twice before I had children, but I know it was nowhere near the amount I laugh now that I have four! My kids are so funny to me and we laugh all the time.

3. Social Skills:
I used to be afraid to be in large groups or anywhere where I had to speak or attempt to be social. I was pretty much a home-body. I liked my family, my hubby's family and that was it. Having children changed it in two ways. 1. I could "hide behind" my kids. I mean that both literally and figuratively. When carrying Brittany, people didn't usually notice me, they noticed her. That took all the pressure off of me! AND I could talk about her, so that took the pressure off the conversation. 2. I had to get out more because I couldn't rightfully be a hermit with kids. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone so I could meet their needs. Then I eventually learned to be more social myself. :-)

4. Unconditional Love:
That one just came along for free with the first child.

5. Unselfishness:
So much more fun to go buy things for the kids than for me! So much easier to think about others when they are all around you. No time to worry about myself!

6. The art of saying no:
Before kids I had a tendency to become overextended. After kids, I learned to prioritize and say no to preserve my sanity. :-)

7. The wonderful-ness of family:
I was an only child. I didn't see my dad much (he worked out of town) and my mom and I had a very rocky relationship. I really didn't get the whole "family" thing until I had my own. We are VERY family oriented and one of our nurses said we were the closest family she had ever seen. I'll take that. ;-) We are pretty tight as a family unit and usually do things together.

8. Joy:
It is sort of ironic that I didn't really live a joyful life until I lost my son, Jacob. I bought myself a plaque after his death that says "Joy comes in the morning." I read that to myself everyday. Sometimes several times a day. I chose joy as my goal. Now I see joy as a major part of my personality and life. I can't stand the feeling when I lose my joy. That is probably singlehandedly the most changed feature in my life since having children.

9. Bribery:
Never really had a need for it before kids.

10. way too many medical terms:
Could have lived without them, but they were a package deal with Kaedra.

11. Friendship:
It changes the whole dynamic of friendship to have friends who love your kids. And friends whose kids you love. And kids that love your friends. And friends' kids that love you. (you get the idea)

12. Gibberish:
Isn't it amazing how we can decode what our 15 month old just said through a mouth full of chips and no discernable consonants? And yet they get this HUGE GRIN when we know just what it is they want. That's success in my eyes.

13. The sustaining power of God:
God has so many facets and aspects but His power to sustain us through anything really comes through when you have children....children gone to be with him too soon, medically challenged children, day long tantrums, sibling rivalry and endless calgon moments....He keeps us through it all.

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The Zandi Zoo said...

Awesome stuff! Oh, and again it isn't bribery.. it's "incentive" lol. ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's very timely and I can relate to the items listed in your list. Love you number 13.