Friday, September 15, 2006

Further Kaedra updates

Well the dr appt went well yesterday. No changes at all for anything.

Dr. Carey was upset that the x-rays had still not been read. Although the dr that is supposed to calculate the angles is out until the 29th, Dr. Carey said that any radiologist should be able to do it. I asked him if he wanted me to get out my compass and protractor and he said I could probably go to school and learn how before the dr ever read them! LOL

We talked to him about Kansas City and he wholeheartedly agreed for us to pursue going there as soon as they could get us in. Michael called them today and talked to someone who told him that we couldn't get her in for a surgery until February 07 and that we couldn't come for a consultation any time soon. When he called to tell me that I started laughing. He was perplexed as to why I was laughing. I told him that she obviously doesn't know how blessed we are and that we are highly favored favorite sons (and daughters) of THE KING! The RN in charge is supposed to call us on Monday and I am expecting very different answers! Please join us in agreeing that we will get in for the consultation in the next few weeks and she will get in for her surgery before Oct 31st.

We will post the good news on Monday! :-)


NeeCee said...

I am praying that you have favor with these doctors and an appointment will soon be open for you in the perfect timing.

I look forward to hearing a good report.

Anonymous said...

Your faith is awesome, very inspiring to me! Thanks, Karen