Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Update on Zoegirl

Our new cat is doing great! She fits in with our family just wonderfully. Michael is absolutely smitten with her, which is so cute, since he isn't a "cat guy."

(he tolerates them because he thinks I am a cat person. Which I'm not. I don't think? My mom always said "cat person" like it was a bad word, so I have never thought I was one. I know I like two types of cats...ragdolls and Maine Coons, of course, but I don't like cats across the board. Okay, I am going to say I am NOT a cat person. I don't think...)

So the SAME DAY I get myself this wonderful Maine Coon from the SPCA (for a mere donation), I see an article on Google News about these new allergy-free cats. Have you seen that??? They are ridiculously expensive! But, I guess if you ARE a cat person and you are allergic, then they are the pet for you! It reminded me of the Cats and Dogs movie that was out a few years ago. They have some cool cat facts on their site and I can't copy and paste them here. So, if you ARE a cat person, or if you are a cat person in denial, you may be interested in them.

Here is a pic of Zoegirl. As you can see, I got her a collar. It is purple with rhinestones and it has a painted bell. Yes, I have gone soft. She is my first girl cat, so I am spoiling her rotten. (but I'm not a cat person, right?)

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Sherria said...

You're a cat person! Don't deny it! She's a cutie!