Monday, September 11, 2006

Leaving Myspace, going to Battlecry

I am leaving myspace in the next few days. Too much trash for my taste. (Have you ever heard the parable about the brownie? If you haven't, let me know! ) I was trying to be a shining light amongst the filth, but I don't think "this little light of mine" is able to shine quite bright enough.

Instead of myspace, I will be "hanging my hat" at Battle Cry. Check out my Battlecry here!

" is an online community and resource for Christian teens, churches, youth groups, and leaders." When you join, you create your own "battleplan." This is a plan on how you are going to help today's teens grow into tomorrow's leaders. You are also able to track your actual specific goals on the page (publically or privately) so you can be accountable for your plan.

If you haven't read the book Battlecry for a Generation I highly recommend it! The book gives some VERY startling statistics. It is very scary to me what the world could be like when our present day teens are running it. Here is a link to a great video you can see on your computer. Watch the video, read the book and then go make your own Battlecry. I highly recommend that, too, whether you are a teen, parent or concerned citizen!

Be involved, get your church involved...Everyone CAN make a difference and we need everyone to be able to make a difference!!

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The Zandi Zoo said...

I'll be hopping on over to Battlecry very soon. I'll keep ya posted. ;-)

I want to hear the brownie parable too!!!