Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What we do know, and what we don't

Well, we had our ultrasound this morning. And yes, I had a full bladder this time. Praise God!

Okay, we know:
1. there is just one baby
2. this baby has all of its ribs!! WOOHOO!
3. this baby has a perfect spine!! WOOHOO!

We don't know:
1. Whether we are having a boy or girl

We have to wait 8 more weeks for another ultrasound, so, for now....we know we are having a baby...and a baby with all of its ribs and a perfect spine, Hallelujah (I know some people count fingers and toes, but we count ribs and vertebrae...funny how your priorities change!), but that's all folks. :-)


Heather said...

:) Wonderful!!!

I was thinking it was next week! Glad I popped in here to read!!

Anonymous said...

Ribs and heartbeats are so much fun!! One of my favorite ultrasounds was a perfect shot of a Hand...you could see all the bones in the fingers and hand. It was truly cool And I marvel at the God who knits our babies together!!!

I'm excited with you!!