Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Kaedra update

I just want everyone to know that we have not heard anything from the doctor about Kaedra's back yet. We are supposed to go in for a doctor appt this Thursday evening. We will probably wait until then to talk to him now, since we haven't heard from him yet this week.

We are going to be asking if we can go ahead and schedule our meeting in Kansas City and possibly have her next surgery there in the next month or so. (or as soon as they could get her in)

Michael still has about a week of vacation available that he has to take by Oct 31st, so hopefully we can go up there for one or both times before then. We feel that God has completely released us from San Antonio and we are ready to pursue Kansas City now, rather than waiting until after her next surgery.

Thanks for everyone's concern and I will update y'all as soon as I know more!

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NeeCee said...

You will have to take some pictures of her walking so I can see her accomplishments. Give her a huge hug from me.