Saturday, March 11, 2006


Sorry it has been so long since I posted.....I got the flu, my parents came to visit, the rest of the family got the flu, our internet wasn't properly connected and then we had a very busy week (and I had gotten used to not being online during that week of no internet!) Anyway, we are back and we are all good! Everyone is healthy and everything is going very well.

Our pool will be delivered on Tuesday (barring weather), we take Kaedy to the hospital on Friday for a nasal swab to make sure she doesn't have RSV (which she doesn't) and then we go to San Antonio next Sunday. I fought our doctor to keep her out of the hospital for the two days before our trip and I, finally, won. I couldn't understand taking a perfectly healthy 16 month old and putting her in the hospital for two days. She would have needed full time nursing in the hospital or Michael and/or I to keep her occupied. You can't just put her in a crib and expect her to be happy for 2 days!!!! Anyway, I will get off that soapbox, it is taken care of.....Hallelujah!

We have been really enjoying studying Egypt again. We have been doing some different projects than we did last time and learning different things. We have been studying history from the Bible, anyway, which puts a different emphasis on our information. I love the curriculum we are using....From Adam to the Messiah, in fact, we are going to take one more semester to finish it than I had originally planned on. It is just too good to go through quickly. We will just squish Medieval into 6 months and do it more completely next time around. We also started Latin again last week, using Latina Christiana. We love it. We love the fact that it has prayers and songs to learn right away and I like the way the teacher's manual is set up better than Latin Primer. Brittany is doing great in Math, she is halfway through her 5th grade book, which she only started in January. She really took off on it. The ironic thing is that she doesn't realize she is good in it and she still gets frustrated very easily. I need to make her realize how good she really is. Spelling is even getting better with the new book (which was finally found in Kaedra's room on her bookshelf).

Emily is doing great in school right now, too. We are doing 100 Easy Lessons... to learn reading and she is doing wonderfully. She is much easier to teach reading to than Brittany was. Brittany didn't like the rhyming part, but Emmy picked right up on that. Emmy is also practicing letters and numbers everyday, reading a bible story and learning a bible verse. I am very proud of both girls and how well school is going right now!

Kaedra is also doing wonderfully! She is completely healthy (Praise God), she is pulling herself up in the crib constantly, she will walk with us just holding her hands, she is trying to crawl (although she goes backwards) and she can get anywhere she wants to, as long as her circuits are long enough. Dr. Carey agreed with us that her circuits needed to be longer since she is getting more independent. After her surgery we are getting 12' circuits! YEAH!!! She is putting food in her mouth on her own initiative now, too, which is a HUGE leap. She started out by putting it on her tongue to tease us, but now she will regularly put the food in her mouth and roll it around. As far as swallowing, though, it has only happened as an accident so far. She is learning more and more everyday and has a wonderful sense of humor and is very quick to pick things up. Our physical therapist came on Wednesday and we were "bragging" about how well Kaedy was doing. We said the only problem was that she had stopped using signs to communicate. Almost as soon as the PT left, she started using signs again and has been, ever since. She is down to 8 breaths a minute and is on 3/8 of a liter of oxygen.

Shooky Doo is a bit of a challenge. I was not prepared for a puppy and I constantly am having to deal with him. He drives me crazy.

Our church is getting closer and closer to getting done, which is very exciting. You can go to to see the wonderful pics! I am hoping Kaedra will be able to go consistently around the time the new church is ready! I really miss going as much as I was. I can't wait until we can all go on a regular basis!

Okay, I better get busy doing something productive!
Mel - I am still working on the squid post! :-)


The Zandi Zoo said...

KAHRI!!!!!!!! I've missed you!!!
I am so glad she doesn't have to go into the hospital for those two days. PRAISE GOD!!!

I loved this post. You all sound like you are doing great! We love you all and miss you!!!

Melanie said...


I can't wait to read your squid post... I know that it would be easier to get done if you actually had multiple arms and gosamer wings.