Sunday, February 12, 2006


I finally got some "doors" on my schoolroom. Actually, after talking to my dad about installing doors and the different options I had, I decided on putting curtains in the doorways instead. I got sheer curtains with silky stripes. The one in my kitchen is a dark red (to match the chilies) and the one in the living room is a mossy green (to match my eventually-to-be garden room). They work wonderfully. I now have freedom to leave the schoolroom in a bit of disarray without it being an eyesore to the rest of the house. Sometimes we have a big project or a science experiment going on, or something, and you used to be able to see straight into my school room as soon as you walked in the house. Now I have a bit of privacy, when I need it. So far I like the look on the kitchen side, better, with the deep red, but I think the mossy green will look great once I get the living room looking like I want it to. I also picked out some paint colors that will fit what I want. :-) I got a mossy green and a light yellow that coordinate. I am going to stripe them, probably, and then I found a lovely wallpaper for another wall. Eventually I want to put a wicker rocker and a wicker table in there along with a bird cage and a lot of plants. I want to try to bring the look of a closed in patio, into the room. Eventually I will actually have a beautiful patio and I will already have the furnishings for it! :-)

Just talked to my mom on the phone. Emily had accidentally spilled the secret about Shooky Doo and so my mom was asking what she was talking about. She said "Does Emily want a little dog?" I told her "Yes" and she said "that is ALL you need." LOL. As I said.....

Well Kaedra is up now, so I am going to go hang out with her. See you later alligators!

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