Thursday, March 23, 2006

13 Favorite memories of the past year
in no particular order
(okay, except maybe the first one!)

1. Bringing Kaedy home for the first time!!!!

2. Kaedra's first birthday

3. The groundbreaking at my church's new site

4. Coming home from San Antonio and seeing my kids and hubby after 3 1/2 weeks

5. Doing Ria's makeup for Halloween (and how pretty she looked!)

6. Chasing cows, two days in a row, at Paula's house. Herding a cow with my DH's Rodeo (aptly named SUV)

7. Getting our pool

8. Going to the Alamo with my mom

9. Stucco-ing the kitchen (and all the assorted mishaps that went along with it!)

10. Taking Kaedra outside for the first time

11. Going to visit Brittany at church camp and the baptisms that happened there in the lake

12. Kaedra standing up the first time, crawling the first time, walking the first time...all of Kaedy's firsts.

13. When the Zandi's moved in next door. (whoops, that hasn't happened yet, but I am looking forward to it!!!) :-)


The Zandi Zoo said...

Hee hee... I like them all.. especially #13!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had quite a year! Glad you made some good memories.