Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thirteen things about my name

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about my name:"Kahri"

1. My parents made the name up
2. They got the idea from a Norwegian movie called "The Windjammer" which had a girl named "Kari"
3. They thought that by putting an "h" in it, Americans would be more likely to say it correctly. They were wrong! LOL
4. My middle name was made up in honor of my Mother's dad...Edgar. (My middle name is Edra) Michael usually calls me "Ed" or "dra"
5. Strangers usually call me Carey, Corey or Kahari
6. In school, I was called the Sa-kahri Dessert
7. When running for Class Treasurer, I used the slogan "Don't be sorry, vote for Kahri"
8. I tell people my name rhymes with starry
9. I used to tell people to imagine a car putting on it's breaks
10. There is a little girl (born around the same time as Kaedra) named Kahri Lynn (although Lynn is her middle name, not last) (They found me on the internet and they pronounce her name the same as mine.)
11. Michael can usually tell when people are calling me, if they are a friend or stranger. My friends say my name correctly!
12. My name in Hawaiian is Kali
13. Kali is a hindu goddess, so I don't much care for my Hawaiian name!

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about my kid's names

1. My husband and I came up with Brittany's name by writing down our favorite girls names individually first. Brittany was the only name on both lists.
2. We kept going between Brittany Morgan and Morgan Brittany. I wish we had picked Morgan Brittany just because Brittany is such a popular name.
3. Brittany prefers Brittany as her first name. :-)
4. Michael and I had no girl name ideas for Emily.
5. Brittany picked her name while watching "Little Bear."
6. We thought it was nice and old-fashioned and wasn't too popular. HAHAHAHA
7. Her middle name, Daryn, come from Michael's middle name, Darren.
8. We got the idea for the spelling from an anchor on CNN.
9. Jacob's name was picked out before I even knew Michael. He always wanted a little boy named Jake.
10. Kaedra's name is made up. I took my first and middle name and squished them together.
11. Her middle name, Noelle, is a hybrid of my Maiden name, Noll. I wanted a Jr. LOL!
12. Our future kids are already named: Samantha and Layton.
13. Layton will actually be: Phil Layton Lynn II, but we will call him Layton.

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