Friday, March 31, 2006

Thursday Thirteen (17 minutes late)

13 Random Things about me and mine

1. One of our nurses (Renee) quit today because she likes to smoke better than working for us. LOL!

2. I watched "The Hours" tonight with Ria and it was not at all what I expected...although I am not sure what I expected. And I related to a lot more of it that I wish I did! But I don't anymore... okay, as if that made sense! LOL

3. I went to see my pastor today and my family couldn't find me and they really started freaking out and getting worried. Michael drove all over BA looking for me. (my cell phone was in the car and I didn't know I was MIA) But, on the positive side, I had a wonderful visit with Pastor Jerry. I love him so much!

4. Shooky chewed big holes in a raggedy ann doll that was mine when I was little. That made me cry.

5. Kaedra went down to 6 breaths per minute yesterday and is doing great. We also got her 12 foot circuits today so she can crawl around a little more.

6. Britty made a new friend at church named Jessica and she calls her "homegirl" and tells her "Peace out Napoleon" as "goodbye."

7. I cut the girls' hair Tuesday and Emily looks absolutely adorable. It is hard to talk to her without just grabbing her and kissing and hugging her.

8. We still don't know anything about when Kaedra is going to San Antonio. As soon as I know....everyone else will know.

9. I thought my dog and cat had worms but we took their poop to be tested and they don't.

10. I hate being uneducated about anything that is important to my everyday life and I know nothing about pools. I am going to have to find a "Owning a pool for dummies" book asap. I don't think I am a dummy, but I do like those dummy books! I read them about almost anything new I am getting into.

11. I bought the new Kutless CD today. Kutless is in town tonight. I was supposed to go hang out with Paula while Timmy was at the concert, but I was "grounded" after my accidental MIA time period this afternoon.

12. I got a new wedding ring set for my anniversary and I absolutely love it. Emmy says it is "sparkly and beautiful." I think so too.

13. I got Michael a rubber squeaky Polar Bear for our anniversary. He put it on the mantle. :-) (not quite as awesome as a ring set, but he likes it ;-)

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