Friday, January 27, 2006

New "baby" and new scent...

We got a new "baby" today. Michael has been wanting a Boston Terrier for years (since before I knew him) and since we were once again down to one dog, we decided to get one this year with our tax money. Sooooooooo we would like to introduce our newest family member:

Shooky Doo

He is a 12 week old, full bred male. He is already crate trained and partly paper trained. He is fitting in really well! :-)

Secondly, I am so excited. I, FINALLY, after many years, have a perfume! Michael and I couldn't agree, ever, so I haven't had a "signature" scent or even anything I wore on a regular basis. Today we went and smelled some together and the first two we tried we BOTH agreed on. That was AMAZING. For YEARS we haven't agreed!!! LOL. Anyway, then we had to pick which one and I finally decided on Black by Kenneth Cole. This is how it is advertised: "Black For Her is delicate, yet dramatically feminine and absolutely original. It is a modern, dreamy floral that opens with the unexpected paring of black violet and radiant white hyacinth with a cool contrast of citrus, exotic white flowers, sensuous musk, sandalwood, and sweet amber. " Whatever that all means!!! LOL Anyway, I am TRULY excited...I smell good!!! ;-)

Tomorrow I am speaking in a homeschooling seminar and I am VERY excited. I am speaking about scheduling and organizing. My favorite subjects...well, at least organizing! :-) I was gone from Kaedra 1/2 of today and will be gone all day tomorrow and I hadn't realized how hard that is on me. I REALLY missed her today. It was Michael and my first chance to go out together since she has been home. Sherria came and spent the afternoon with the kids and he and I went out to eat at our favorite restaurant: El Tequila and then went to try perfumes and then got the dog. By the time we came back I couldn't WAIT to hold Kaedy. :-) I am excited about speaking tomorrow but not looking forward to being away from her all day. I haven't had a chance to realize how "attached" I am, now that she is home. (being that I usually only leave the house once a week for a few hours - on Wednesday nights for church)

Well I am off to work more on my speech, Many Blessings!!!


The Zandi Zoo said...

oooh Kahri!!! I love your puppy!!! look at that sweet puppy dog face!! Look at those big eyes.

Glad you smell good too. :-)

Heather said...

Awwwwww!!! What a cutie!

I'm also glad you're stinkin' good. LOL!!!